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Safety and Security Window TintingSafety and security films can prevent accidents or theft, and increase privacy.

No matter where you are tinting, applying a film creates a safer environment, which is particularly important when you have little ones around. Adding a safety and security film will increase strength of the glass and thus make it extremely difficult to break and almost impossible to enter through once broken. Essentially, safety and security films can prevent an accident with glass from becoming a medical emergency.

Safety and Security films are commonly used in child care centres, preschools and primary schools to prevent injury to children from hard contact with glass. The films are also used for buildings that may be susceptible to violent storms, earthquakes, vandalism and theft. We also carry a range of anti-graffiti window films for high traffic areas where graffiti is common.

Aussie Window Tinting only uses certified and tested products that meet and surpass the Australian Standard glazing codes to meet strict safety requirements for day care and child care centres. So give us a call today for piece of mind.

A Real Life Example

This window was fitted with SafeVision 4mil/.1016mm thick
clear safety film only 2 weeks before a child fell onto the glass.

If the safety film was not fitted to this window, the child would
have likely suffered potentially fatal injuries.



Safety and Security Films offer

  • Increased safety and security for all types of glass
  • Over 99% of Ultra Violet (UV) light rejected
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Insulates and strengthens glass
  • Prevent smash and grab theft
  • Dramatically reduces fading of interior

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To whom it may concern,
In 2014-15 we engaged the services of Av Mason to tint our family home.
The 3 main reasons we chose Av are as follows:
1) Av was punctual
2) Av offered us a quality window film
3) Av was most accommodating to our requirements.
We are glad we chose Av as his company completed our project on time and at a very competitive price.
The workmanship & finished product is flawless.
We have no problem recommending Av for your next project.

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Ben Shaw
A quick, good quality, responsible
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