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Window Tinting Perth Residents LoveWe can offer a quality window film, and a professional and friendly service.

Residential Tinting

Having installed window film on homes and businesses in Perth for many years, we have the knowledge to recommend the right window film for the job.

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Commercial Windows

Aussie Window Tinting has been installing commercial window film throughout Perth for many years. We can recommend the right window film for the job.

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Security Films

It doesn’t matter what surface you are tinting; applying a film creates a safer environment. This is particularly important when you have kids or guests in the vicinity.

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Decorative Window Tinting

Frosted and opaque window films have many uses. These range from small bathroom windows, to larger internal glass partition walls that require privacy whilst still allowing natural light to enter the room.

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Hello, and welcome to your locally owned and operated window tinting company. For over two decades our family has proudly been serving the needs of our neighbours and commercial businesses with their residential window tinting needs. But, we are more than a leader in the window tinting business, we also specialise in window films that deliver solar and security protection. Our high-tech, professional services are available throughout the greater Perth, Western Australia region; including those areas from Mandurah to Yanchep, and around the hills.

Whether you are new to the area or have been here for decades, you know how warm our region can get. But, did you know that with the right amount of window tinting, not only will you feel cooler when inside, but you’ll see a positive reduction on your electric bills. In fact, the high level of materials used in our window tinting and films has frequently proven to pay for themselves within a few years through reduced energy costs. We also offer window tinting that can contain custom designed patterns for aesthetics or artistic etchings for company logos or images. What a wonderful way to protect your property and your furnishings for decades.

Doing the right thing

We understand that each film installation requires the best products. We offer a quality window film, and a professional and friendly service.

Commercial Windows/Storefront/Doors

security window tintingWe offer the widest variety of commercial window tints and films in the region. Today’s window tinting technology adds a modern, sleek appearance to the exterior of your business that also increases the value of your building. When you add solar and security window films, you are effectively adding an extra layer of safety by strengthening the covered glass. Our security glass can protect your business against burglaries and snatch-and-grab break-ins. Depending upon the thickness of the security film applied, you can protect your employees and clients from injuries normally associated with broken glass.

Commercial window tinting and films come in a variety of shades that will compliment both the exterior and interior of your business. Our Ultra Guard film is a great deterrent against vandalism. Not only is the film material resistant to graffiti, but if someone attempts to disfigure your glass windows or doors with a sharp edged object, they will not be able to reach the covered glass. Replacing the film cover is far less expensive than replacing the glass and any stolen merchandise. Ask your insurance company about a discount policy for this extra layer of protection.

commercial reflective tint Here at Aussie Window Tinting Perth, we go beyond the industry standard of a 10 year guarantee on commercial work by giving you a 12 year guarantee on all our work. We also stand behind our film projects with a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship. We guarantee that our work will never bubble, fade, crack, or peel throughout the lifetime of your guarantee and for years ahead. And that is a promise that very few competitors can offer without increasing their costs to you. Click on our Commercial Window Tinting Perth menu tab for more information on the styles, types, and colors of tinting options; for details on safety, solar, and security tinting; for more information on decorative, frosted, etched, and opaque window films, and for the advantages of anti-graffiti filming.


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Security Films
Commercial Windows

Residential Windows and Doors

Our residential window tinting materials are state-of-the-art. Our highly trained, experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly tinting experts are ready to show you the perfect window film or tint that will serve your home needs for years to come. Our window tinting and films will add safety, beauty, and value to your most important asset; your home. The added layer of safety added to all of your glass surfaces also adds a layer of safety from glass injuries to small children, elderly family members, and anyone with a disability who might accidentally stumble near or fall into a glass pane or door.

The major benefits of having window tinting and film placed on your home’s windows and doors are the savings on energy bills, more privacy within your home, the major reduction of UV rays and the sun’s heat; and the inability of sunlight to fade your interior furnishings. Click on our Residential Window Tinting Perth menu tab for more information on tint and film options.

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Aussie Window Tinting Perth is price competitive and quality conscious. We  use the highest grade materials and source them at the best price to lower to cost as much as we can for our clients. We are able to offer financing solutions, which can include little or no interest, for approved customers. Our service warranties remain in effect for the original purchasers, but cannot be transferred when the properties, businesses, or vehicles are sold. 

We have only been able to remain a leader in the area’s window tinting and film service because of my many repeat customers and referrals, like you. There is no reason to wait for, or wish for, or want for quality, friendly, customer window service, when we are as close as your telephone. Call us today, or fill out the online form, for an estimate on the right products to fit your window, door, or other glass protection needs. Contact us by calling today at (08) 9297 6596 to arrange an on-site site. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can come to your home or office and give a free measure and quote, and because of our vast experience in the window film industry, we can offer the right products to suite your home or office.

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A quick, good quality, responsible
window tinting service in Perth