The Benefits of Window Tinting for Your Home

The Benefits of Window Tinting for Your Home

Most people think that window tinting is only for businesses, religious buildings, and cars. When, in fact, one of the most practical uses for tinted windows is for your very own private residence. The number of households with tinted windows has grown every year since the turn of the century. Tinted windows are more than a convenient way to reduce the amount of sunlight coming into your home, they also offer a whole list of valuable benefits.

The most important features of window tinting and how they can be beneficial for you are listed below. For additional benefits, see this blog post.


When you have your windows and sliding doors tinted or solar glass filmed installed by Aussie Window Tinting, you will be adding to your home’s exterior attractiveness, the equity in your property, and its resell value. In addition to giving your home an elegant face-lift, your new windows require very little maintenance, which is an added benefit for senior residents. Another touch of luxury is your ability to have the initial of your last name softly etched into a window film.


Did you know that you can reduce your home’s susceptibility to burglars with tinted windows? While tinted windows will not guarantee that someone will never break into your home, they will certainly make it harder for any home invader to look through your windows to scope out your possessions. Another security benefit of tinted windows is privacy because it is harder for anyone to see inside from the outside of your home. Ask your insurance company if you can earn a policy discount for improving your home security with tinted or filmed windows.


Windows, doors, skylights, and sliding doors that are tinted or filmed prevent injuries by not allowing any broken glass to shatter in all directions. This is a major benefit when there are small children, elderly adults, or anyone with a health condition that may stumble or fall into or on a glass surface. The windows and doors tinted or filmed by Aussie Window Tinting come with a manufacturer’s multi-year guarantee against imperfections, and that certainly increases your home’s safety level.


With the added insulation and strength of window tinting and films, there is a major reduction in the amount of Ultra Violet (UV) rays, heat, and sunlight glare coming into your home. The benefits from this layer of protection are less sun damage to your furnishings and more climate comfort inside of the home. There will not be a need to keep your drapes closed to maintain the pristine condition of your furniture, walls, and rugs.


A deep dark shade is not the only color choice. If you live in a well shaded area, you can select a lighter tint. Regardless of the color of your shade, the tinting affords you the comfort of having strengthened your windows against glass breakage from falling debris and heavy winds.


The money you invest in high quality window tinting and films will pay for itself within a few years. This major benefit comes from lowering your energy bills, reducing the need to repaint or re-paper any faded walls every few years, reducing the need to replace faded rugs or carpets, and reducing the need to replace faded furniture. When it comes to saving money, what is not to love?


For more than 20 years, Aussie Window Tinting Perth has been providing all of these benefits, and more, to their neighbours and homeowners in the greater Perth, WA area and surrounding communities. Aussie Window Tinting Perth offers you a full selection of glass protection, installed by specialised professionals with years of high quality experience. Aussie Window Tinting Perth stands behind every project with brand name guarantees and company warranties for today, tomorrow, next year, and for many years into the future. You can arrange for a home window tinting estimate by calling us directly at 08 9297 6596. You’ll only have yourself to thank for giving your family these valuable layers of comfort and safety.